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Product Portfolio:
  • Air Freight
  • Ocean Freight
  • Moving
  • Projects Handling
  • Logistics Service
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Trucking
  • Rail Way Service


In arrangement clearance and delivery the goods from port or warehouse up to consignee’s warehouse, we are using standard safety to avoid any damage both for human and cargo.

Sea Freight Services

Freight Forwarding:
Provides freight forwarding by air for both import and export shipments, door to door delivery, consolidation, trucking & delivery.

Customs Brokers:
We arrange the delivery empty container to the stuffing area at and monitoring until the container bring back to the port to be shipped. We have good coordination with trucking, train even domestic vessel to fulfill our clients need regarding stuffing the goods. Preparing export and import declaration is also our job, since we’ve registered as a PPJK company at the Customs.
Supported by 25 units trucking, 5 unit forklift (7 tons). We also operate container yard for about 3000 square meters where there are mechanical equipments such as forklift, mobile crane.

Vessel’s Agent:
As agent, we serve our vessels at port such as arrange immigration, customs, quarantine and harbor master, handling and supervise for discharging or loading operation at vessel.

Air Freight Services
  • International/Domestic Air Freight
  • Export/Import Shipment
  • Door to Door Service, Door to Port Service, Port to Port Service
  • Prefer of International Airline
    ( SQ,KLM,MH,BA,ANA,NCA and other airline)
  • Worldwide Destination

Air Freight Operations;
Port to Port: cust—warehouse(Jas/Gapura)--- clearance (cust)---build up---loading aircraft---on board

Door to Port: cust—p/u—warehouse—build up—loading aircraft—on board

Door to Door: warehouse—clearance—build up-loading aircraft—on board—arrive—unloading aircraft --- clearance– delivery--cust

Rail Way Services

  • Container Yard
    Domestic: 7,500M2
    Empty Depot: 20,000M2
  • Warehouse: 750M2
  • Office Building: 300M2
  • Railway Crossing Track: 1,500M2


  1. Temporary Warehouse Break Bulk LJK
  2. Temporary Warehouse Break Bulk Afla
  3. Stuffing and unloading area Lagoa Station, ADT Marunda, KBS Cigading - Cilegon, Pasoso - Tanjung Priok



Trucking Services

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